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Paradigm Switch introduced me to Barbara.  I have to say, for me this was a big leap of faith. Entering into the world of Woo, is confronting for most, let alone someone like me who thinks they are a master of the universe. Working with the energy that surrounds you and that is within you, your preparedness for change and success, your ability to understand and accept guidance and being able to understand consequence is so greatly enhanced that you begin to understand the phrase 20 / 20 vision x 10. Having access to Barbara, face to face, on line, via text means you are never left in doubt and never alone. Her ability to see and communicate things you would not ever have a hope in understanding is truly out of this world. 

"Anonymous male (55)  Chairman of 2 private companies,  Non Executive director of a $140m Government Institution, Investor,  Entrepreneur, Philanthropist. Sydney, Australia."


What stands out about Barbara is that, even when reading on Zoom, she is amazingly in touch with her client. Her insightful messages are decisive and precise… there’s never a feeling that she is fishing for information. Everybody I’ve recommended contact Barbara has been blown away with her clear messages right from the first moment of the reading. In many cases she just ‘tunes in’ and receives messages without the need for cards or any other medium. Her accuracy and caring, down to earth, approach is the reason so many people contact Barbara regularly for direction.

"Judith Paterson Auckland, New Zealand."


Over the past 3 years as I have worked to establish my business concept from a strategic plan, through the start-up phase and into the successful business it is today, I have enjoyed and prioritised regular consultations with Barbara Callan. As a gifted Intuitive Consultant, Barbara has been integral in the entire process of developing my business and has assisted in many of our most successful endeavours bearing fruit and in lending her expertise in providing clarity during pivotal decision making periods. Barbara is an inspiring, empathetic and gifted consultant and coach whose input, guidance and support has helped me immeasurably both professionally and personally.  I recommend Barbara Callan to anyone who will listen! 

"Neroli CEO, Sydney, Australia."


I would like to say thank you for the magnificent work you do.  Every time I have a session with you, I feel more guided and supported than ever.  Your readings really light up my path and bring light into those darker, dormant areas within me. Every time I have had a session with you, a weight is lifted off my shoulders knowing at a much deeper level that all is well and my journey is perfect. I look forward to many more sessions in the future. 

"Sonia, Sydney, Australia."


I have paid people a lot of money to help me find my new direction and you have given it to me in one session. Thanks so much.  

"John, United Kingdom."

Thanks for helping me to decide about the move of countries – the job was offered to me one week later! So exciting – thanks.  

"Sarah, Auckland, New Zealand."

I have been working with Barbara for approximately 18 months now and have found the experience to be incredibly positive in my everyday life and for my personal growth. Barbara is incredibly intuitive, wonderfully caring, empathetic and understanding in all situations, and has an ability to turn a negative into a positive in most situations where possible and also is not afraid to point out where I need to make some changes. She is spiritual but grounded and I cannot imagine a better counsellor in my life! I have recommended Barbara’s services to many friends who also have consulted with her and they have also loved the experience. I am very grateful to have her in my life and will continue to work with her, as she is incredibly valuable to me. I absolutely recommend her services to everyone!

"Aileen, Queenstown, New Zealand."

Her wisdom and compassion as an individual, flavour her words and phrases making the most difficult truths bearable. The consultations I have with her are a gift to me and infinitely reassuring in these times of change and stepping up.

"Lynn - Company Director Sydney, Australia."

I met Barbara Callan in 2014 when I moved to Leura in the  Blue Mountains. Since then I’ve worked with Barbara on both a personal and professional basis.I’ve participated in Barbara’s meditation group, enjoyed her Tune In and Tune Up Workshop, engaged her as an Intuitive Counsellor for both personal and business consulting and on the basis of my own very positive experiences, recommended her services to numerous friends and business colleagues. I hold Barbara in very high esteem, she is an extremely able facilitator and teacher, is highly intuitive, always working with absolute integrity. She has a genuine passion for her work, understands its importance to her clients and is unfailingly respectful of the trust they place in her. I have no hesitation in recommending Barbara as an extremely skillful and trustworthy Intuitive Counsellor.

"Jan - pharmacist, nutritionist, best selling author. Leura, Australia."


As an Intuitive coach and advisor I choose carefully when I want insights that go beyond or confirm those of my own. 

Barbara is gifted, clear, and delivers each reading with deep integrity and true kindness. 

She has supported me through the biggest transitional period in my life. Being able to trust her

and the guidance she provides has been particularly important. She’s become a beloved and trusted advisor, able to advise me on both personal challenges and those in my business with 

accuracy and care. I think she is an unusual mix of skill and kindness… you’ll love her. 

                                                                                  Lisa Claudia Briggs, MSW    Newport, U.S.A.


"Barbie Callan is a National Treasure.

When I’m in turmoil, confused about which path to take for my business and work - she calms and centres me, then gives me clarity on the right way forward.

When I forget how to make intuitive decisions - she shows me again how it’s done, and gives me simple steps so I can do it for myself outside of our sessions.

I always look forward to our sessions - they are uplifting, encouraging, enlightening - yet grounded, practical and useful at the same time.

If you are looking for guidance in your work and you want an intuitive, inspiring, caring and uplifting mentor - please give Barbie a call. You won’t be disappointed…"

Justin J.G. Cooper

Purpose & Marketing Coach,

Unleash Your Beast. Sydney, Australia

Barbara Callan is a gifted intuitive.  Her filter is always loving kindness and she helps find a heart-centred way through challenges which leads to the highest good of all concerned. No matter how tangled up I feel, she brings me into clarity and calm. Every time. She's a shining light. 

Emily, Sydney, Australia.

Since my last session with Barbara I've had some major shifts which I'm loving. During this session I got much clearer on what my path looks like and how to achieve some of things that I'm reaching for. I'm feeling so different now, with my tiredness gone and experiencing a new level of self trust, confidence and excitement about what I'm creating in my life. Thanks Barbara!  

Maret, Sydney, Australia.  

I feel so fortunate to have not only met Barbara Callan, but to also have a Zoom consultation with her. Her insight and intuition gave me not only direction, it gave me self-belief. She was able to articulate the direction I wanted to go, and was holding myself back from. The session has made me more courageous and I will be booking in more! Please reach out to Barbara if you want to find the right way for you - its just a Skype session away and yields amazing results.

Samantha Crisford-Eade  Sydney, Australia.

Barbara I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for chatting with me - it feels amazing to be so loved and supported.  When we talked it felt like you were speaking the words of my soul.  What a beautiful gift you have and what courage and kindness you have to share it with the world.  Thank you thank you thank you, you truly are an earthly angel.  Lots of love from my being to yours  (Anon) Australia

My name is Tatjana Walton and I am an NLP Coach and Trainer. I have seen many people working but Barbara has something special that I can’t put into words. She helped me to let go of a life long trauma that I never could quite grasp. I literally feel the difference in every area of my life and I am forever grateful. If you have a problem to work through, feel stuck or need to understand yourself or a situation better I wouldn’t wait but see Barbara. It is really worth it.

                                                                                                                                                Tatjana Walton, Sydney

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