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The River of Change

Currently there is an air of change about. There are planetary influences that cannot be denied, and while we do not make decisions by looking into the heavens, it is wise to be aware of these influences. So what does that mean exactly? Well let’s start with three eclipses in a row. Eclipses are always about what is hidden from us or what we are hiding from ourselves. By going inwards we can identify these ideas, memories or experiences and then release them. To move to a more expanded version of ourselves, we need to step into the river of change.

The river of change can be fast flowing and we need to remember that it is going to carry us to a different place, away from our current familiar surroundings. The trick is to stay present so that we can see the river and take action by stepping into its flow. If we stay on the river bank mesmerised by the flowing waters, thinking about change and what we are letting go of, then we may not take that step into the river.

A sense of adventure will help us to let go as we must be prepared to not know the outcome. Adventures are always about the expansion that results from putting ourselves into an unfamiliar territory or experience. The more we take adventures, the more we expand and grow. Instead of living in a shrinking world, which can be both safe and aging at the same time, we have the opportunity to experience outside our comfort zone and this is always youthing.

If you recognise the opportunity for change and you hover of the edge, waiting for the right moment, you will end up being thrown in to a river that is moving very fast. So recognise that the river of change is flowing at your door right now, and make up your mind to embrace it and all the benefits that come with this change. Bon voyage!!

Three easy steps:

Recognise the river of change

Step into it.

Surrender to the change and let river carry you the next shore.

Barbara Callan –

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